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For Builders by Builders
Genesis Builders is here to support brand growth with customers via emerging technologies, marketing strategy, and beyond. We aim to empower our clients, to make success the norm, to rise above outdated limitations in order to achieve true success.
The GB Verticals
We provide faster, better solutions with an optimal cost for Web3 builders
GB Full Stack
Fast and cost-effective marketing & tech solutions
Build your brand and project efficiently. The GB has a network of builders and marketing specialists with experience building projects from the ground up. With our proven track record, we are confident that we can support your project in every aspect and stage of development.
GB Tools
We provide free instruments for builders to grow in Web3
GB builds tools to help every type of Web3 builder grow! Some good examples are: Web3 Event Tracker, Web3 Growth Framework, Job Seeker and more. The GB Web3 Event Tracker is coming soon!
GB Media DAO
Where creators and builders exchange ideas
Creating a community centric project is of the utmost importance to GB, and that’s why we created the GB Media DAO. Here, every community member can contribute, learn, interact, and grow within the Web3 industry.
Our portfolio
The GB portfolio contains a variety of Web3 projects, many of which have already achieved important milestones and success with support of GB.
As the world’s first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI.
An American cloud infrastructure provider, who provides developers, startups, and SMBs with cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platforms
MassBit’s mission is to evolve Web3 infrastructure, making it easier, faster and cheaper for Defi and Web3, through the development of decentralized API and multi-chain indexing services.
An open and fast blockchain.Their mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees.
Our Partners
Genesis Builders partnered with leading tech-based brands to create transformative changes in the world.
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