GB Foundation


The GB portfolio contains a variety of web3 projects, many of which have already achieved important milestones and success with support of GB.
As the world’s first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI.
An American cloud infrastructure provider, who provides developers, startups, and SMBs with cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platforms.
MassBit’s mission is to evolve web3 infrastructure, making it easier, faster and cheaper for Defi and web3, through the development of decentralized API and multi-chain indexing services.
An open and fast blockchain.Their mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees.
A cross-chain play-to-earn sandbox with a variety of character driven NFT based on an amazing post-apocalyptic science-fiction world.
A technology publishing platform that serves 4 million users per month, designed to help creators monetize their content.
EZ Wallet is on the journey to make crypto more accessible and convenient for everyone, a user-friendly non-custodial crypto wallet for every type of user.
Pikasso is a firebase infrastructure for NFT apps and games, providing an easier way for creators and developers to create NFT, all on low-cost layer-2 ecosystems using a no code platform.
Nekoverse features a fully player-driven economy, resource harvesting, item crafting, territory control, and political governance in a one of a kind massive multiplayer online RPG.
Goga is a web3 language learning app with GameFi & Social-Fi elements. Users equipped with Goga NFTs learn and compete with other users to earn Goga tokens and mint new Goga NFT.
Lyft is an American service, ride-hailing, bicycle-sharing system, vehicles for hire, rental car and food delivery service operating in North America.
Chia is building a better blockchain for real-world use. Chia prides itself in being a secure, sustainable, and regulatory compliant network setting the standard for digital currency infrastructure.